Kentucky Gentleman

Kentucky Gentleman


American bourbon lovers unite! Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon comes to you from the makers of the largest liqueur brand in America.

Distilled with methods centuries old, Kentucky Gentleman is a distinctive and attractive bourbon created using the finest grains, and ageing equipment.

The bourbon whiskey is matured in oak for four years so it garners a deep amber colour and rich flavours as it matures. This finely crafted bourbon represents generations of experience in distilling, bottling, and aging to reveal a smooth and unique flavour. Kentucky Gentleman is befitted with well-balanced sweet wood and caramel aromas and a lingering, flavourful finish that will leave you wanting more!

Available Sizes: 700ml & 1L
Alcohol Volume: 37%
Standard Drinks: 20 & 29


Appearance: Deep amber hue.
Aroma: Generous sweet wood and caramel aromas.
Palate: Moderately full-bodied palate Lingering, flavourful finish. Well balanced and straightforward.

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