Daily’s Mojito Mix

Daily’s Mojito Mix


Looking for that perfect Mojito? Skip the muddling, mixing and shaking- use Daily’s Mojito mix. Same delicious taste, just really easy.

From classic to flavoured mojitos, this mix will yield a large number of drinks. Its perfect blend of fresh mint and real lime juice is sure to be a hit at any bar, social gathering or special event. Garnish your mojitos with a sprig of fresh mint and a lime wedge to enhance your drink presentation! The user-friendly 1 litre bottle features a spout for easy pouring with a cap to keep the product fresh. It is recommended to shake well and refrigerate after opening.

Daily’s Mojito is lime green in colour with a fragrance of mint.  It is delicate on the palate with full shades of lime and mint.

Size: 1L
Alcohol Volume: 0.0%

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