Rodell Napoleon Brandy

Rodell Napoleon Brandy


Rodell Napoleon Brandy proves itself as a distinctively refined and complex brandy, clearly benefiting from a meticulous and passionate commitment to excellence. Aged slowly in carefully selected French oak barrels to increase its complexity and colour intensity, Rodell

Napoleon has an outpouring of flavours with associations of raisins, brown sugar, caramel corn and white pepper to invigorate the senses.

A great aperitif brandy, enjoyed on the rocks.

Size: 1L
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Standard Drinks: 32


Appearance: Deep amber.
Aroma: Perfect blend of dusty raisin, old brown sugar and mineral aromas.
Palate: Medium bodied with buttery caramel corn and golden raisin flavours. Finishes with subtle notes of hot white pepper.

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