One of the Top Ten Wine Producers in the World

Outstanding Italian Prosecco’s adhering to Italy’s highest and strictest wine certification, guaranteeing an exceptional product. The roots of Maschio dei Cavalieri’s passion for wine are as old as the vines on the Veneto’s hills, to the North of Venice. The wines come from grapes grown on the hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano and in the Piave Valley. Through careful grape selection and unique vinification processes, the truly outstanding Maschio dei Cavalieri offering is born.

When the wines are opened they show a fresh, light and lively style, typical of Prosecco. These features are strongly aligned to the type of drinking that is associated with Prosecco; conviviality, the aperitif and the cocktail known as the ‘spritz’. Rive de Colbertaldo is produced from ancient vineyards on the left bank of the river Piave. It is protected by the Alps and well exposed to the sun. This unique combination produces a stunningly elegant Prosecco.

Valdobbiadene is produced from only select vineyards in the hills. The yield is limited to the conditions that year as a way of guaranteeing quality consistency. These wines are beautifully packaged with elegant, textural labels that create consumer appeal.


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