Los Arango

A Revolutionary, Authentic Tequila

Los Arango is a revolutionary spirit. It is considered the ultimate example of the Tequila distiller’s art. The commitment to perfection and family tradition spans over eight generations. What makes Los Arango tequila different from other tequila brands is the special attention to detail starting from handpicked agaves. It is made with 100% blue agave, hand crafted expertise and commitment to bottling by hand.

Specially designed yeast from the agave is then used to increase the flavour. Los Arango tequila’s are double distilled using the charante distillation method, unique within the industry. They use barrels constructed from three different woods for greater complexity and depth of aromas.

The range of styles appeal to a broad consumer base with traditional tequila’s and a popular coffee tequila. All tequila’s start as Blanco and are altered by the addition of oak ageing and flavouring. The Reposado is aged for seven months in American oak and the Anjo for a minimum of one year. Real coffee beans create the flavour in the ‘Black Coffee’ tequila.

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