The New Kid on the Block!


In early December, Kollaras & Co proudly launched the newest addition to their portfolio, INDIE.

Commenting on the business, Kollaras & Co Director Michael Kollaras commented: “It is no secret that we are passionate about ensuring a level playing field for all. We clearly see our role in the market as being a product solutions provider, to fill gaps for our customers to ensure they have their very own competitive offering.”

Recognising a significant gap in the liquor trade for an independent exclusive 30 pack value block, Kollaras & Co launched INDIE in early December, just in time for the Christmas festive period.

Having specialised in the FMCG industry for nearly 60 years, Kollaras & Co have been transparent about the importance of delivering a strategy on exclusive brands; and Kollaras & Co are clearly veterans, developing a 30-pack value block that independents can now call their own, hence the “INDIE” name.

When Kollaras was asked about why the new product was important to the trade, he commented on the benefits INDIE, saying “As with all our brands; INDIE needed to not only be exclusive to our independents and deliver the right quality and price point for consumers – but also needed to deliver our retailers above industry standard margin, to ensure we are helping them bank more profit dollars.”

The beer is said to adopt the classic Australian taste profile, being easy drinking, smooth and super crisp.

Kollaras confidently stated “INDIE is an important piece in our company’s desire to help deliver success and prosperity to independent retailers, who are, and remain such an important piece of our industry – and who’s own success we depend on!”

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