Godet Antarctica Icy White

Godet Antarctica Icy White


In March 2008, Jean Jacques Godet embarked on a sailing trip to Antarctica accompanied by 10 crew members.  They landed on the Antarctic continent 70° south of the equator… It was the first ever small yacht to succeeded in docking at such a level. A world record was broken.

In honour of the accomplishment, Cognac Godet has created a unique cognac inspired by the purity and beauty of Antarctica. The first cognac to be consumed as an aperitif at below zero temperature. Aged for 7 years in old oak before being naturally filtered, resulting in a very light, pale hue.

Size: 500ml
Alcohol Volume:  40%
Standard Drinks: 16


Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Floral hints of caramel, chamomile, juniper & dried apricot
Palate: Good sweetness of dried fruits, chamomile, sultana & orange blossom.

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