Geisweiler Rosé Brut

Geisweiler Rosé Brut


Hailing from a long line of wine merchants, Geisweiler rapidly found success when the house became the supplier to the most prominent European Royal families.

Today Geisweiler’s legacy is embodied within the range of Sparkling Wines that are certain to add a delightful effervescence to both your palate and celebratory occasions!

Geisweiler Rosé Brut is a delightfully fresh and delicate French sparkling wine, representing excellent value for money.

Size: 750ml
Vintage: NV


Appearance: Salmon pink colour with fine, delicate bubbles.
Aroma: A delightful bouquet of fresh red fruits, particularly strawberry and raspberry.
Palate: The elegant palate shows fruit characteristics such as red berries, cherries and red currants.

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