Celtic Honey

Celtic Honey


Crafted with all natural Irish honey and triple distilled Irish Whisky. Irish Honey has been gathered and cultivated in Ireland since the days of the early Celts. They coveted it because of its rich sweetness and health and energy-giving properties. Celtic Honey comes from local Irish apiaries that provide only the finest products made from local wildflowers, including clover, bluebell and hawthorn. The Irish whiskey used to make Celtic Honey continues the tradition of great distilling found among the vaunted Irish whiskey houses of Ireland. The whiskey that makes up Celtic’s base is rich and oaky, balanced by a light maltiness.

Size: 700ml
Alcohol Volume:  30%
Standard Drinks: 17


Appearance: Light amber hue
Aroma: Subdued aromas of honeycomb and sweet spice
Palate: Silky and soft at the start with an initial moderate burst of honeycomb, becoming drier towards the finish. Gentle spices add depth and concentration

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