Captain Silver Rum

Captain Silver Rum


Captain Silver Rum hails from the Caribbean, ‘The Rum Capital of the World’. An authentic rum with excellent value for money.

The Captain Rum masters have created a unique blend of the finest selections of spices and other natural flavourings such as vanilla, apricot and fig. It is then aged for rapid maturation.

White rum is the perfect cocktail base, with a lighter and sweeter flavour compared to darker rums. Smooth and well-rounded, Captain Silver creates an unbeatable cocktail including a magical Mojito, the perfect Pina Colada or the most delectable Daiquiri.

Size: 1L
Alcohol Volume:  37.5%
Standard Drinks: 30


Appearance: Crystal clear.
Aroma: Short, mellow and dry with a lingering hint of spice.
Palate: Well-rounded and smooth with light spice and subtle notes of vanilla, apricot, fig and cassia.

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