Miasa Saffron Liqueur

Miasa Saffron Liqueur


Miasa Safffon Liqueur is made using 100% natural ingredients.  Produced with the best quality Iranian Saffron, Miasa is the world’s first saffron liqueur!
A uniquely balanced floral bouquet caresses this Liqueur. with a subtle saffron flavour, floral components, tender litchi and sweet elder, this royal liqueur will enchant your senses.
The Saffron works in harmony with the champagne, softening its otherwise bitter notes to create a fully-rounded flavour. It can also be enjoyed on the rocks, with gin & tonic, coffee or milk & Irish cream liqueurs.
This unique liqueur is a highly valued ingredient in top end restaurants and a must for Fine Food markets.


Size: 500ml
Alcohol Volume: 15%
Standard Drinks: 5.9


Appearance: Brilliant gold
Aroma: Floral aromas further characterised by a pleasant combination of sweet and exquisite aromas.
Palate: Subtle saffron flavour, tender lychee and sweet elderflower notes.

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