Kollaras & Co Awards Krombacher Pourfection 2018 Winner


It was a highly contested campaign with a plethora of creative and worthy entries, but there could only be one winner of the 2018 Australian Krombacher Pourfection competition!

Australian hopefuls posted images and videos of the perfect Krombacher pour, with Sydney’s Aaron Jones awarded first prize for his inspired idea of a Krombacher road trip.

Aaron’s winning entry saw him invent a clever beer holder to transport Krombacher on the roof of his car, netting him an overseas holiday to attend the prestigious Purity Law event in Krombach, Germany. The prize includes return flights to Germany, transfers, accommodation, breakfasts, a VIP Tour of the brewery, and of course, entry into the event.

Mr. Jones commented: “Before I made the video, I thought about the journey that my Krombacher beer had already done to get to Sydney, so I wanted to have a bit of fun giving it one last special expedition. I’m beyond excited – and now I get to do the same trip in reverse!”

Krombacher’s Pourfection campaign is based around the Purity Law otherwise known as ‘Reinheitsgebot‘, which was established in 1516, and stipulates that beer can only be crafted from four natural ingredients –  malted grains, hops, water and yeast.

Every year, Germany celebrates ‘Reinheitsgebot’, which has become a day of national pride, involving a range of different festivities featuring delicious foods and beer, which of course, takes centre stage.

Krombacher’s own Sales & Marketing Director, Stephan Kofler, commented on the campaign:

“After all the time, care and patience [we] put into brewing our beers, we’re incredibly passionate about ensuring our beer reaches your lips exactly how it should.  #Pourfection2018 is a fun way of hopefully raising pouring standards. Our aim is not to just ensure bar teams have the knowledge and power to pour perfectly, but we want to increase understanding among consumers as well.”

Kollaras & Co’s Marketing Manager, Georgia Kollaras commented: “It was brilliant to watch the effort that entrants went to when creating their own piece of Krombacher art. I congratulate Mr. Jones, who no doubt perfected his perfect pour, and sincerely wish him the best of luck as he embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Germany!”

The winning entry can be viewed here:

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